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General and Technical articles on the subjects of Optics, Imaging, and Underwater Photography 

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General Interest

 Glossary of Photographic & Technical Terms.

Camera Starting out in Underwater Photography .

 Natural vs. Artificial Light in UW Photography.

 UW Lighting Technique .

 Housing Maintenance Basics.

sweetlips Pictures (general and underwater).

nik5 A Brief History of the Nikonos Camera System.

- Museum Pieces.

Optics & Imaging

 Optical Magnification

  Refraction & Snell's law rainbow

   Angle of Coverage . (not transferred yet)

  Ports & lenses . (not transferred yet)

 Flat UW Lens Port Optical characteristics . (not transferred yet)
OO  Flat port calculations: mp_calcs.ods (open document spreadsheet, requires OpenOffice).

Finding the focal point of a dome port pdf.
OO  Dome port calculations: dp_calcs.ods (open document spreadsheet, requires OpenOffice).

  Flat port vs. dome port . (not transferred yet)

Compact Comparison of in air and underwater (flat port) performance (Canon S100).

WA  Underwater wide-angle converters test

Image Radial correction (computer correction for lens defects). (not transferred yet)

LCD screen magnifiers

Polaroids polartisation of light

Pixels & resolution

Image sensor formats

Camera resolution comparisons.

 Analog TV and Video standards (now mostly of historical interest)


pdf Photoflash fundamentals (2006)

Flash tubes .

Mullard flash tube advertisement (1951).

TTL flash interface connections (2004).

ics5 Underwater connectors (2012)

Drops IP ratings .

O-ring Japanese O-rings .

 Depth compensating flexible camera housing.

Web links:

Kaye & Laby online (see particularly section 2.5 Radiation and Optics).
Jenkins & White. Fundamentals of Optics.
Scubageek.com .
Sam's strobe FAQ .
 Jonz Valve Pages (Vintage TV equipnent).

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