Electrical Theory

AC Electrical Theory (v0.12 1.34 MiB): An introduction to phasors, impedance and admittance, with emphasis on RF circuit analysis.
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par_res_ph.ods : Phase response of a parallel resonator.
ser_res.ods : Series resonator amplitude response function.
Rg_meas.ods : Output resistance of a generator.

The RMS average (v1.01)

The decibel and the neper (v1.01, 400 KiB)

Electrical nomenclature
International Electrotechnical Vocabulary.
Electrical units and the MKS System. H Paul Williams, Electrical Communication, 23(1), March 1946. p96-106.
Guide for the Use of the International System of Units.
Ambler Thompson and Barry N Taylor. NIST Special Publication 811 (SP811), Nov. 2008.

Resources / software
Apache Open Office (free office suite - opens the example spreadsheets)
Linear Technology LTSPICE IV (free circuit simulator)
QUCS (quite universal circuit simulator, free - GPL)
Tables of Physical & Chemical Constants. Kaye & Laby Online. See Table of Contents, Section 1.

Further reading
Reflections on Maxwell's Treatise, A D Yaghjian, Progress in EM research, 149, p217-249, 2014.

Romanian: "Transferul maxim de putere activã cãtre sarcinã", by Valericã Costin YO7AYH .