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GR116D / 5870s tubes
My first 100 MHz counter, built using the GR116D miniature tube (ca. 1977). One tube has been replaced with an ITT 5870s. The unit has sat on the shelf above my workbench ever since, and although I now have faster counters, it remains useful and is still working at time of writing (Sept 2021).

GR116D Nixie display

© D. W. Knight 2013, 2021

ZM1332 nixie


Miniature Clear glass version of ZM1330
Equivalent to GR116D and 5870S

Data can be obtained from Dieter Waechter's Nixie tube archive. Please support that project.

The datasheet is also here: ITT 5870 tubes.

Photo © Andy Cowley 2005

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