Workshop equipment
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Information, modifications, etc.

Alpine Tida TD-5AH
Tida TD5AH centre lathe
(and information relevant to variants TD4, TD45, TD5 / A / AH, Alpine TD5, Wholesale tools TD4/5, Jet 1024, 1036, Enco 92010)

Sieg SX2P
Sieg Super X2P Hi-Torque mill.

Taylor-Hobson Pantograph
Taylor-Hobson CXL pantograph copy-engraving machine with cutter grinder attachment (and information relevant to variants C, CB, CX).

Glass lathes .
Discussion and links

Engineering Projects

e-bike,  Pedelec,  EAPC
Converting a mountain bike into an e-bike using the Bafang BBS01 Mid-Drive kit. Sprocket ratio optimisation for road and off-road cycling. 

Flexible hsg Depth compensating flexible camera housing .
(article in the Photography & Optics section)

Engineering Data

wet IP Ratings

O-ring Japanese O-rings

Schrader v  Schrader Valve .

ModelEngines.info, John R Bentley.

High Vacua, by G W C Kaye (1880-1941) is no longer available from Archive.org.